Digital strategy

North Tyneside Council, like most local government, is facing a forbidding challenge as demands grow from aging populations and lifestyle issues whilst resources shrink. This is against a background of potentially rapid organisational change due to initiatives such as Health and Social Care integration.

It is critical to note that all Council systems and services are, in the end, there to serve the residents of the Borough, supporting them in a healthy, happy and economically independent life – and where this is temporarily or permanently not possible, assisting them to return as close as possible to that state.

A healthy, environmentally friendly environment and a healthy business economy are means to that end. This is encapsulated in the ‘Creating a Brighter Future’ vision.

A ‘Digital Strategy’ concerns the exploitation of information to achieve the Council’s aims and vision. This information concerns all aspects of activity within the Borough – the activity and needs of citizens and businesses, and the support and control of the physical and built environment, as well as the Council’s own activity.