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Northern Promenade

Northern Promenade design proposals

Our exciting designs show how the promenade will be transformed by new surfacing, seating, shelters and leisure. The aim is also to attract new shops and businesses.

The seafront strip will become a hub of activity connected by interactive spaces which form ‘The Northern Promenade Walk’.

The designs are aimed at a wide range of people, including teenagers, families, walkers, cyclists, fitness fanatics and the elderly.

They include plans for new lighting at various points to inject new life into the promenade by encouraging people to use it for longer.

The plan includes designs for different areas of the Northern Promenade – Watts Slope gateway, Panama Dip, Rendezvous and Brierdene.

Watts Slope Gateway

The area has been reshaped to create a meeting area where people can sit and talk and children can play.

The existing retaining walls have been removed to allow paths to be installed between the Links and the promenade.

The toilet block, which has served generations of visitors since it was built in 1950, has been completely refurbished with modern, clean and fresh facilities and also features eye-catching wall-mounted images of the Spanish City (taken by Nigel Gray) and St Mary’s Lighthouse (by Stephen Czopinksi).

There is also an extended new timber decking area with a Di Meo ice cream kiosk.


Panama Dip

As the promenade is wider here, there is a real opportunity for various types of recreational activities to complement the already popular skate park.

It will mean the area will become a hub of activities featuring business pods, pick up and drop off points for the land train, bespoke seating and beach huts, amenity lighting and the potential for artwork.

Dukes Walk

A much-loved icon of the coastline, the Rendezvous Cafe will remain a major part of the plans by becoming a new central meeting place and gateway to the beach.

The Grade II listed Coronation Fountain will be restored to colours authentic to Whitley Bay’s history and there will be improvements to the surrounding landscape.

Beach shelters

New shelters will be in the English ‘Moderne’ style, reflecting the character and charm of the architectural features of the Rendezvous Cafe and the Art Deco Coronation Fountain.

They will be positioned at key points along the promenade and it is hoped to put lighting inside the shelters so they can be used for longer throughout the day.


The designs reflect the fact that this is a peaceful and tranquil setting which connects the beach with areas home to wildlife and other ecology. They aim to provide the opportunity to reflect, observe and relax.

Beach huts

We are exploring the possibility of introducing day stay beach huts at points along the Northern Promenade.

We have listened to comments about day stay beach huts at Blyth and other seaside resorts and are looking at options for design and locations for huts along our coastline.

Public realm improvements

Surfacing materials to be used include red tarmac, granite, exposed concrete, timber and concrete. A cost effective approach has been taken with colours and materials which change as you walk along in response to the designs of different areas of the promenade.

Wildflowers will be planted at key points along the promenade to create a natural setting. The wildflower mix will be unique to the local area by using different colours for each separate stretch of the promenade.

Natural / wild planting will create an informal setting along the promenade. Various styles of landscaping will feature on embankments along the promenade.

A range of seating is featured in the proposals, including:

  • seating arranged to fit into existing walls and embankments
  • informal fixed seating at feature areas of the promenade which can be arranged into groups or set randomly for individual seating
  • pebble-style seating
  • bespoke sculptured contemporary seating fitting into existing embankments

‘Moderne’ style railings will be installed along the promenade, inspired by the detail of the Coronation Fountain and the character of the Rendezvous Cafe. The railings will be positioned at key sites and access points to the beach. They will be made from galvanised steel, in white, with a timber handrail.

The aim of the new lighting is to extend the use of the promenade into the evening. Lights will be included in various structures along the seafront alongside lamps positioned to light the promenade while avoiding light spillage toward the Links.

Existing brickwork will be clad in material that reflects natural granite.



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