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Seafront Master Plan overview

What the plan involves

The Whitley Bay Seafront Master Plan sets out our ambitious plans to regenerate the coastline between St Mary’s Lighthouse and Cullercoats Bay.

The proposals are a mix of council and private sector developments and involve more than £36m of new investment at the coast.

Who is delivering it

The master plan includes schemes which will be funded by us and our partners as well as plans put forward by private developers.

Why it’s being done

We want Whitley Bay to be a unique destination that draws visitors and keeps them coming back.

The aim of the master plan is to make the area even more attractive to visitors, residents and businesses.

These include plans to restore St Mary’s Lighthouse, proposals to improve the Watts Slope area, major renovation of the Spanish City Dome, significant promenade improvements, attractive landscaping and more.

These improvements will encourage even more visitors and residents to enjoy our fantastic coastline in new and different ways and support business and employment for a vibrant local economy.

Seafront improvements

Here are some examples of how the new features to be added along the seafront, including seating, lighting and surfacing, could look.




Interactive Master Plan map

View an interactive map and learn more about the various projects included in the Seafront Master Plan.

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Senior Manager, Regeneration
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