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Central Lower Promenade


Sea defences are being strengthened and safeguarded by rebuilding Central Lower Promenade. The two-tiered promenade acts as a sea defence protecting the whole structure, the road and premises above. However it is around 100 years old and needs to be replaced as it has severe structural problems and is approaching the end of its serviceable life.

What’s happened?

The first phase of work saw meshed safety fencing put up around the site and the demolition of disused retail units in the upper tier.

We have taken a fresh look at the design and delivery of the second phase of the scheme, which has allowed us to work with an alternative provider and to get an improved end product and better value for money.

What’s next?

A planning application containing the revised scheme has been approved.

What do the new plans involve?

A new rear wall will be built and the existing lower sea wall strengthened. The lower walkway, which included the former retail units, will become an open space with new seating, providing a great opportunity for leisure activities and events.

The proposal also allows for the future installation of ‘pop-up’ stalls/units which could house commercial ventures, if there is the demand.

The wide upper footway will be refurbished and enhanced while the design also includes the Mayor’s commitment to replacing the balustrades. All of this work will complement the improvements being made to the Northern Promenade.

Find out how we're working with local businesses to replace the balustrades by watching this video:


When is it happening?

Work on the construction phase is anticipated to get underway in spring 2017 with completion due in the winter.

The project, which is being funded jointly by us and our partners Northumbrian Water and the Environment Agency, will be carried out in partnership with Hartlepool Borough Council who have completed similar coastal promenade schemes to a high standard.


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