Cullercoats Bay


In 2011 Cullercoats was the first area to benefit from our £3m investment to regenerate the North Tyneside coast.

Members of the public were asked to comment on the initial ideas and vote for the one they thought was the most important, which resulted in nearly 200 comments and suggestions.

These responses were then used to decide how the money should be spent.

How you voted

How you voted:

  1. Improvements to highways and footpaths to create a more pedestrian friendly area (127 votes)
  2. New and improved public toilets and beach facilities such as showers (123 votes)
  3. New toddler play area and picnic area on the south side of the Bay (93 votes)
  4. Rationalise and renew seating, bins and bollards (83 votes)
  5. Improved signage for visitors, including improved access route from the Metro Station (73 votes)
  6. Planting and improvements to the existing Boat Yard (71 votes)
  7. Evaluate relocation of jet skiers to alternative location (66 votes)
  8. Increase car parking (63 votes)
  9. Improvements to the Huddleston Street subway (57 votes)

Highways and footpath improvements

You said ...

“Improvements to highways and footpaths to create a more pedestrian friendly area are important.”

What we did ...

Victoria Crescent has been narrowed and the footpath widened, creating more space for pedestrians and businesses to use for outdoor sitting.

A new pedestrian crossing has been provided as well as new cycle hoops and other high-quality street furniture as well as improvements to the setting of the listed drinking fountain.

Public toilets and beach facilities

You said ...

“New and improved public toilets and beach facilities such as showers are important, as well as improving the offer of the ‘blue hut’ concession.”

What we did ...

A new beach shower, using mainly reclaimed natural materials, has been installed on the south side of the Bay.

A single concession kiosk has replaced the blue hut and a separate accessible toilet has been in place since early 2016 and has been extremely well used and will be open all year round.

Toddlers’ play area and picnic area

You said ...

“A new toddler play area and picnic area on the south side of the Bay is important.”

What we did ...

A new playground for children aged up to eight has been completed. Natural materials have been used to complement its picturesque surroundings and it is aimed at stimulating sense and adventurous play.

Seating, bins and bollards

You said ...

“Look at the amount of seating, bins and bollards and consider updating what’s there in a consistent style.”

What we did ...

New matching street furniture, including new bollards, cycle hoops and bins, has been installed on Victoria Crescent.

Memorial benches have been refurbished in the original Victorian style, known as ‘twiglet seats’, which are used throughout Tynemouth and Cullercoats.

Improved signage for visitors

You said ...

“Improve signage for visitors, including the access route from the Metro station.”

What we did ...

Two panels were installed as part of the coastal heritage trail, one focusing on the history of Cullercoats Bay and the other on St George’s Church.

New visitor signs have also been installed at Cullercoats Metro station, including a map showing places of interest.

Freshening up the boatyard

You said ...

“The boatyard could benefit from improvement works and be brightened up with seasonal planting.”

What we did ...

The boatyard has been completely refurbished with new fencing and a new surface. We’ve used natural materials for the fencing, which also has a nautical theme thanks to the use of traditional ropes.

Location of jet skiers

You said ...

“Consider moving jet skiers.”

What we did ...

Launching jet skis at Priors Haven in Tynemouth, as part of a water sports centre with the sailing and rowing clubs, was considered but funding was not available to install a launch ramp.

Other options were limited due to constraints on vehicle beach access and nature protection.

It eventually became clear that there would be significant opposition to any relocation.

More car parking

You said ...

“Cullercoats needs increased parking facilities for visitors.”

What we did...

The car park at Beaconsfield was expanded and instantly saw an increase of more than 60 per cent in the number of users. A footpath was also installed on both sides of the road.

Improve the subway

You said ...

“The subway on Huddleston Street should be improved.”

What we did ...

Options are still being explored but there are no immediate plans for the subway.