Garage site compounds

Introduction and annual rent

New Licences Review: Currently, a review is being undertaken (from September 2015) of the sites listed below. The Council is therefore unable to grant any new licences pending the outcome of the review.

There are a number of areas of land spread across the borough which the Council let to individuals by virtue of a Garage Site Licence. The licence relates to the use of the land only; it is the licensee's responsibility to obtain planning permission, construct their own garage and maintain the garage thereafter.

The Licence is usually for a term of one year and thereafter year to year, and can be terminated by one month's written notice.

The annual rent for a Garage Site Licence is currently £43.00 p.a. (+VAT)

All sites are subject to review by the Council.

Garage site compound locations

  • Allanville, Camperdown
  • Bertram Place, Shiremoor
  • Burn View, Dudley
  • Burradon Road, Burradon
  • Cherwell Square, Forest Hall
  • Clousden Drive, Forest Hall
  • Fern Drive, Dudley
  • Lynholm Grove, Forest Hall
  • Meadow Drive, Seaton Burn
  • Rookwood Drive, Seaton Burn
  • Studley Villas, Forest Hall
  • Taylor Avenue, Wideopen
  • Thorntree Avenue, Seaton Burn