Disabled parking bays

Formal bay with signs

These are usually found in town/village centres near to public buildings/facilities and used by a variety of disabled badge holders. A Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) is required to enable enforcement.

Advisory bay with road markings

We can help people with serious health problems affecting their mobility who have no existing off street parking facilities. We can mark the highway outside their property to help them to park as close to their home as possible. You must fulfill the necessary medical conditions, and the location is considered before a decision is made.

These bays are in residential areas and are advisory, so they don't go through the lengthy TRO procedure. They can't be enforced but residents usually respect them. Please read the guidance notes for further information.

Disabled parking bays (formal or advisory) are a facility for all disabled users. They are not for the sole use of an individual. A valid disabled badge must be displayed while the vehicle is in the bay.

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