Using your Blue Badge


The Blue Badge:

  • will help you park close to a destination, as a driver or passenger
  • costs £10
  • is usually issued for a period of 3 years *
  • is personal to the holder and can be used in any vehicle as long as they are present
  • is automatically valid for on street parking
  • is not automatically valid for off street car parks

You don't need to have a car or hold a valid driving licence to have a badge. The badge will belong to you and you can use it in any car you are travelling in.

* If the badge is issued because you are in receipt of a mobility allowance and the end date of the mobility allowance is less than three years, it will be issued to coincide with the end of the mobility allowance.

Drivers: when the badge holder is not in the car

The driver of the car can't use the badge unless the badge holder is present, even if they are carrying out errands on their behalf.

Blue Badges are only valid when the badge holder is driving the vehicle or being transported in it. The badge holder must be present at the time the vehicle is parked. If the badge holder has already been dropped off before the vehicle is parked, the driver cannot then use the badge.

If you use a badge without the badge holder present you could get a fine of up to £1,000.

It isn't illegal for a badge holder, or a non-disabled person waiting for the badge holder to return, to remain in the vehicle while the Blue Badge is displayed. You should consider using a car park wherever possible.

Misusing the Blue Badge

We can withdraw a badge if you misuse it or allow others to misuse it. You should only use your badge if you are travelling in the vehicle as a driver or a passenger. If you give it to someone else to use, this counts as misuse.

To report the misuse of a badge call 0345 2000 101 or email

It is a criminal offence to misuse a blue badge and could lead to a £1,000 fine.

Blue Badge inspections

If you misuse your Blue Badge we may issue a Penalty Charge Notice. If you refuse a Civil Enforcement Officer's request to view your Blue Badge, the vehicle will be treated as not displaying a Blue Badge and a Penalty Charge Notice may be issued.