A191 Whitley Road and Front Street


The A191 is a busy route, used by around 16,000 vehicles each day. During the peak morning period, westbound motorists can experience delays of up to eight minutes. By 2030, the number of vehicles on the A191 is expected to have increased by up to 30 per cent, adding to existing delays.

A £1.5million scheme aimed to improve the A191 Whitley Road and Front Street by:

  • improving the A191/Tyneview Park junction by the removing the current stagger
  • creating two westbound lanes on the A191, from Tyneview Park to Coach Lane, by making better use of the existing road space
  • linking traffic signals from the Four Lane Ends to Tyneview Park junctions, improving traffic flows
  • providing enhanced pedestrian crossing facilities

Construction was managed for the council by its partners Capita and completed in 2016. The scheme is being monitored and improvements continue to be made to the traffic signals to ensure traffic flows as best as possible.


Drone footage of the scheme