A19/A1058 junction (Silverlink)


Highways England carried out improvements to the A19/A1058 Coast Road junction to reduce congestion and improve the reliability of people’s journeys.

The works were carried out by contractors John Sisk & Son and Lagan Construction Group Joint Venture.

It involved lowering the A19 beneath the existing A1058 Coast Road and roundabout.

The main aspects of the scheme included:

  • Constructing new sliproads to provide access to and from the lowered A19;
  • Constructing two bridges to carry roundabout traffic across the lowered A19;
  • Constructing a new bridge to support the A1058 Coast Road across the lowered A19;
  • Constructing two new bridges to provide improved facilities for pedestrians and cyclists travelling along the A1058 Coast Road;
  • Widening of Middle Engine Railway Bridge to accommodate the A19 north-facing sliproads.

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