North Shields Fish Quay


North Shields Fish Quay is located at the mouth of the River Tyne and benefits from a rich history of traditional industries associated with the river and sea, with the Fish Quay actually forming the original settlement of North Shields.

The area has an array of listed and locally listed buildings as well as a scheduled ancient monument, Clifford's Fort. This monument has only recently been removed from the English Heritage Buildings at Risk register through the continued work of North Tyneside Council, its partners and local interest groups.

The Fish Quay area includes a vibrant mix of fishing related industries, restaurants, cafes, drinking establishments, an eclectic array of small to medium sized businesses, including professional, leisure and creative industries, as well as a growing number of residential properties, all of which give the Fish Quay a unique day and nighttime economy.


The Fish Quay regeneration strategy was launched by EDAW in 2001 and followed the completion of several earlier schemes by The Tyne and Wear Development Corporation, which ended in 1998.

The EDAW strategy signalled a new co-ordinated approach to revitalising the area; improving the landscape and infrastructure, attracting new businesses, creating jobs, and preserving the spirit and vitality of the working quay.


More than £20m of public and private sector investment has gone into North Shields Fish Quay.

Public sector funding has come from North Tyneside Council, One North East through the Single Programme, ERDF, English Heritage, and Heritage Lottery grants (required private sector match funding).

Private sector projects have included the transformation of the Irvin building and Renaissance Point on top of the Fish Quay Banks.

Major completed projects

Pow Dene Court

New fish processing park - Single Programme/ERDF/Council

Total cost - £4m

Western Quay

Replacement quay safeguarding the area for fishing, businesses and tourism - Single programme/ERDF/Council/Port of Tyne

Total cost - £5.5m

Working above the Shops (now re-named Quay View)

Providing office accommodation for businesses - Single Programme/ERDF/Council

Total cost - £1.8m

Vita House – Office accommodation  

Single Programme/ERDF/Council

Total cost - £0.7m

Ballard Smokehouses - Office accommodation

Single Programme/ERDF/Council

Total cost - £1.2m

Dock Masters House - Office accommodation

Single Programme/Council

Total cost - £0.5m

Barracks Building - Office accommodation

Single Programme/ERDF/Council

Total cost - £1.1m

Brekkies sea wall – Improvements to the sea wall to alleviate flooding events to safeguard the area

Single Programme

Total cost - £0.5m

Various demolitions

Removing unsightly buildings from the scheduled ancient monument of Clifford’s Fort (this building has now been removed from the English Heritage at Risk register)

Single Programme

Total cost - £0.2m

New public toilets (award winning), car park extension and CCTV

Single Programme/Council

Total cost - £0.25m

Conservation Area Partnership (various grants)

English Heritage/Council

Total cost - £0.4m

Townscape Heritage Initiative

Improvement works to buildings within the Fish Quay - various grants and direct works to Clifford’s Fort

Total cost - £1.0m

Union Quay street works

Single Programme/ERDF/Council

Total cost - £0.25m

Improvement works to Quay View and landmark building offices

Internal and external redecoration and new signage by North Tyneside Council

Total cost - £0.03m

Coastal Community Team

North Shields Fish Quay was chosen to be one of the first Coastal Community Teams in England.

This was as a result of the area’s excellent community engagement following the production of the North Shields Fish Quay Neighbourhood Plan and Conservation Area Character Statements/Appraisals, as well as working with established interest groups such as Folk Interested in Shields Harbour (F.I.S.H).

A Coastal Community Team is a local partnership consisting of the local authority and a range of people and business interests from a coastal community who have an understanding of the issues facing that area and can develop an effective forward strategy for that place. The teams include a range of local stakeholders and have broad support.

Coastal Community Teams choose their own priorities, however, areas of focus can include:

  • enhancing the attractiveness and accessibility of public areas
  • providing increased community facilities
  • promoting the visitor economy
  • encouraging sustainable uses of heritage/cultural assets
  • creating links to support the growth and performance of the commercial sector

Find out more about the North Shields Fish Quay Coastal Community Team and its Economic Plan at Coastal Communities.



Visit the North Shields Fish Quay website for further information.


Watch this video to find out about some of the latest improvements to the Fish Quay.

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