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North Tyneside commitment to carers

During 2014 and early 2015 a significant amount of consultation was carried out with carers to agree the priorities that would be taken forward from the previous carers’ strategy. 

North Tyneside’s commitment to carers builds on the successes of the previous adult carers’ strategy 2012 to 2014 and is based upon 6 priorities:

1.    Earlier identification of carers and the provision of quality information
2.    Improved communication
3.    Improved carer health, wellbeing and support
4.    Support that enables carers to go to work or continue in work or education
5.    Ensuring carers have access to emotional support
6.    Smooth transition of support from children’s to adult services

The document sets out how we intend to respond to the needs of all carers who regularly care for ill or disabled family members and friends. It also takes into account the views of carers of disabled children to ensure there is a single strategic document outlining our priorities for supporting all unpaid carers in North Tyneside.

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Carers’ charter

The council is committed to working with and supporting carers.

The North Tyneside carers’ charter was developed by carers and sets out the key principles when working with carers. These include:

  • recognising carers
  • valuing carers
  • providing information and advice to carers
  • involving carers

Providers are expected to agree to the principles of the carers’ charter and promote the inclusion of carers in planning and decision-making and support individual carers to participate in the process as required.

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