Apply for a private hire operator's licence

To accept or invite bookings for private hire vehicles, you must have a private hire operator's licence.

To apply download and complete the application form.

A private hire vehicle is defined as being a motor vehicle with eight or less passenger seats which is provided for hire with the services of a driver for the purpose of carrying passengers.

An operator must operate from premises within North Tyneside. Those premises must have planning consent for use as a private hire office. Customers make initial contact with the operator by telephoning or visiting the premises in order to book a vehicle. Once a booking is accepted by the operator a contract is made to provide a vehicle.

It is unlawful for a private hire driver to accept any bookings unless he works for a private hire operator licensed by the council.

Applying for the grant of a Private Hire Operator's Licence

To satisfy us that you are a 'fit and proper person' to hold a licence please provide:

  • A current (within one month) Basic DBS Disclosure (applicants who hold a current hackney carriage or private hire driver’s licence issued by this Authority are exempt from this requirement)
  • Your passport and/or evidence that you can live and are able to work in the U.K.
  • You must confirm in your application that you are aware of your HMRC tax responsibilities
  • A Business Plan showing how you intend to run the business

Criminal convictions and cautions

Disclosing a criminal record or other information will not prevent you from gaining a licence unless we consider a conviction renders you unsuitable.  In making this decision we consider: the nature of the offence, your age when it was committed and any other relevant factors.  To discuss what effect a conviction might have on your application, please contact us for confidential advice. If in doubt, please seek your own legal advice. 

The Authority’s guidance as to the Relevance of Convictions, Cautions, Fixed Penalties and Community Resolutions in relation to applicants for a hackney carriage/private hire driver’s licence will also apply to applicants for, and those currently holding, a Hackney Carriage or Private Hire Vehicle Proprietors Licence and/or a Private Hire Operator Licence.  However, assessment of previous convictions will not include offences relating to driving.  A copy of the guidance is below.

Your right to work in the UK

Under the Immigration Act 2016 you must provide certain documents to show you have permission to be in the UK and work as a private hire operator.  We will check these documents when you first apply, renew or extend your current licence. If you have time-limited permission to be in the UK we will repeat this check each time you renew or extend your licence (until you can prove you are entitled to stay indefinitely in the UK, without restriction on your ability to work).

Most people provide:

  • a UK passport (current or expired)
  • a Full UK birth certificate, which includes the name of at least one of your parents, or adoptive parents, and a document with your National Insurance Number in your name issued by a Government agency or a previous employer. 

If you can't provide these documents, other acceptable documents are detailed below.  If you can't produce original documents your application will be refused.  

Business Plan

This should include details of the booking system you will use and how you intend to manage the bookings (including sub-contracting to other operators), record keeping, advertising and signage on vehicles you intend to operate, your policy on employing ex-offenders who take or receive bookings for private hire vehicles, provide an example of the register of employees engaged in taking or receiving bookings for private hire vehicles that you are required to maintain and your policies on how to deal with complaints and lost property.

Planning Permission

Applicants are advised to ensure that appropriate planning permission for the premises is in place.


If your application is refused on the grounds that you are not a fit and proper person to hold a licence because of previous convictions, you have the right of appeal to the Regulation and Review Committee and/or a Magistrates Court.

The licence fee

A 1 Year licence costs £354.00; a 5 Year licence £1360.00.


If you surrender your operator’s licence where the licence was issued for 5 years we will refund the licence fee for each full year remaining on the licence, minus a small administration fee. If the licence is revoked or suspended no refund will be given.

Notification of a new director of a Limited Company

In the case of a licence issued in the name of a limited company the operator shall notify the Authority in advance of any proposed new Director so that the proposed change can be considered.  Each proposed new director must complete the relevant form below.

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Current operators

Private hire vehicles supplied by these operators must be booked in advance.

  • Blue Line Taxis 0191 262 6666
  • Borderline Taxis 0191 2501476
  • Crown Taxis 0191 250 2345
  • Direct Cars 0191 215 0033
  • East Coast Taxis 0191 253 3770
  • Hadrian Minibuses 0191 263 3839
  • NE Taxis 0191 432 1000
  • NODA 0191 258 777
  • Phoenix 0191 258 2200
  • Premier Transport 0191 234 1666
  • Radar Taxis 0191 258 5858
  • Whitley Bay Taxis  0191 3008480

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