Small society lotteries

Registering for small society lotteries

If you run small society lotteries you may operate without a Gambling Commission licence provided you register with us.

Small society lotteries:

  • have £20,000 or less worth of tickets put on sale
  • aggregate proceeds from lotteries do not exceed £250,000 per year

Your society must be registered with the local authority in the area its principal office is located.

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Tickets and prize funds


  • must be priced the same
  • contain the name and address of a person who is responsible for the lottery
  • contain the date of the draw
  • can't be bought or sold by under 16s

Rollover of prize funds are permitted as long as the total for any single prize does not exceed £25,000 or 10% of the proceeds of the lottery.

Records and returns

We can inspect records for any lottery so you should keep records for all unsold and returned tickets for a year after the draw. Returns for each lottery have to be completed and sent to us within three months of each draw. You must show that at least 20% of the total proceeds raised have gone to one of the purposes for the society was created.

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The fee for a new lottery registration is £40.

Payments can be made:

  • over the phone by card or via BACS
  • with cash in person
  • by cheque in the post