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Apply for a demolition

What you need to know

You may also need to apply for Planning Permission.

A scaled plan is required showing the extent of the demolition in relation to roads and adjoining buildings. It is the duty of the person giving this notice to send or give a copy of it to:

  • the occupier of any adjacent building
  • British Gas
  • the area Electricity Board

No demolition to which Section 80 of the Building Act 1984 applies should start unless notice has been given to the council, and either the council has issued a demolition notice, or 6 weeks has passed.

Notice to the adjoining owners under the Party Wall Act may also be required.

A separate application is required for the erection of any hoarding or scaffold over a public footpath or highway.

Please contact:

Telephone: (0191) 643 8515

A suitable Method Statement indicating the method and best practices of the demolition process must be submitted prior to commencement of work.


Site details
Details of person giving notice
Details of the person carrying out the work
Please attach any associated documents, for example drawings or location plan documents.

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