MPs elected to represent North Tyneside and Tynemouth

North Tyneside residents have elected Mary Glindon and Alan Campbell as Members of the UK Parliament to represent the North Tyneside and Tynemouth constituencies, respectively.

Results as follows:

North Tyneside constituency

Name                                    Party                               Number of votes

Christopher Peter Boyle       Liberal Democrat             3,241

John Buttery                         Green Party                     1,393

Dean Spencer Carroll          The Conservative Party   15,490

Mary Theresa Glindon          Labour Party                   25,051

Andrew John Husband         Brexit Party                      5,254


Tynemouth constituency

Name                                      Party                              Number of votes

John Christopher Appleby      Liberal Democrats          3,791

Alan Campbell                        Labour Party                   26,928

Julia Anne Erskine                 Green Party                     1,281

Lewis Carlo Bartoli                 The Conservative Party  22,071

Ed Punchard                          Brexit Party                     1,963


Mary Glindon (Labour) has represented the North Tyneside constituency since 2010, while Alan Campbell (Labour) has represented Tynemouth since 1997.

The turnout in the Tynemouth constituency was 56,213, which was 72.8 per cent of the total electorate. The turnout in the North Tyneside constituency was 50,589, which was 64.1 per cent of the total electorate.