North Tyneside Council to reshape support for children and families

Press release: An abstract view of the Council crest

North Tyneside Council’s Cabinet has agreed plans to reshape its prevention and early intervention services for children, young people and families in the borough.

A new integrated service will bring together a range of support to improve the health and wellbeing of children aged 0-19 years and their families. It will have a clear focus on preventing family breakdown and reducing the number of children becoming looked after by enabling children to live safely at home.

Services such as health visiting, child development, mental health and support for children leaving care will be delivered by four teams that combine the professional expertise of staff experienced in working with children and families.

Located at the coast, centre, north west and south west of the borough, the community-based approach will enable families to access the support they need in their local area and at the earliest opportunity.

A universal offer – featuring services from midwifery to early years health – will be provided as well as targeted support for those most in need. Both services will address the root causes of need, and work with children and families to build the skills and knowledge they need to become independent, healthy and well.

Ian Grayson, Cabinet Member for Children, Young People and Learning, said: “These changes represent a fundamental redesign of our prevention and early intervention services.

“We have considered, with partners, the best way to support families in North Tyneside to avoid family breakdowns, which we know can have a long-term impact on the health and wellbeing of children.

“Moving to a community-based, integrated approach allows us to provide a range of services in one place, and make accessing services quicker and easier.

“Our primary aim is to enable families to stay together safely, and to support our children and young people to become independent and healthy in adult life.”

Implementation of the new service will begin in April 2016.