Council Tax Discounts 2017- 2018

Consultation details

The Authority would like to thank all those who took part in the consultation. The Council invited residents to have their say on making changes to the Council Tax Discounts for empty property (formerly class A and class C).

A set of questions around the possible options were asked of people visiting the Customer Service Centre and also the Citizens Advice and the online questionnaire was completed. The on line questionnaire was also available on the Council website.
Other partners such as private and social landlords and the community and voluntary’s sector were also invited to take part.

The options consulted on, were to maintain the current empty property discounts of 50%, reduce the discounts from 50% to 25%, or remove the discount altogether.

The resident’s feedback was presented to Cabinet on 12 December 2016 so they could consider the outcomes along with other factors in the report. They presented a proposal to Council on 19 January 2017.
Outcomes of the engagement are included in the Cabinet Report below. Cabinet then made a proposal to Council on 19 January 2017; the decision of Council is recorded in the minutes below. Along with other factors the consultation feedback helped Cabinet understand the feelings of those consulted around making changes to the empty property discounts. It helped inform the decision Cabinet proposed to Council on 19 January 2017 to be effective from April 2017.

Contact details

Tracy Hunter
0191 6437228

Consultation period