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Ready for School-Redesign 0-19 services Budget Proposal

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Continue to redesign 0-19 Services
starting with ante-natal services this proposal aims to continue our work to target our services at need and to manage demand for more specialist services. Critical to delivery will be the Healthy Child Programme and the work to increase the richness and consistency of the Early Help offer. This approach links to Government Policy and best practice through concentrating on prevention and developing more schools to deliver Early Years, which, in turn saves money and avoids cost.

Re-model and trade our services to schools; responding to changing customer need and national reform, this proposal aims to review and further develop our portfolio of services to schools. As well as our existing successful work in school improvement, catering services and capital project management we plan to continue to provide clear expertise, leadership, and co-ordination of the Healthy Child Programme (HCP) and universal offer. The programme is being delivered by a skilled mix team of staff that are fully integrated within the prevention and early help locality based teams. This work will see a universal offer for schools but also a more bespoke offer to individual schools depending on their needs and the needs of their communities. We will continue to build on our existing work beyond North Tyneside. This brings in income.

• North of Tyne Collaboration to improve Education and Skills; as key elements of the devolution deal with Newcastle and Northumberland Councils, we will agree and implement plans to manage the devolved powers and funding related to the skills agenda. The aims are to support a high quality, inclusive education system, which ensures young people have the skills and qualifications to take up good quality training, apprenticeships and jobs. The first step in this proposal includes the
development of a North of Tyne Education Challenge Proposal which will focus on ambitious improvements in learning and teaching from birth to work. This should lead to cost reduction over time.

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