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We want children and young people:

  • to have their voices heard
  • to have their views taken into account
  • to have their views taken seriously
  • to have a say in how our services run
  • to have rights in line with Article 12 of the UNCRC (United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child) which states that they have the right to be heard and involved in decisions that affect them


Participation, advocacy and engagement
Telephone: (0191) 643 8215
Twitter: @ParticipationNT

Youth elections

A double search is underway in North Tyneside to find the next Young Mayor and Member of UK Youth Parliament.

Nominations open next week for those aged between 11 and 18 to put themselves forward for one of the important positions.

Holding office for a year, the Young Mayor will act as a figurehead for young people in the borough, giving them a voice and helping to influence decisions made by North Tyneside Council’s Elected Mayor, Cabinet and Council.

The Member of UK Youth Parliament will also be in position for a year and their role is to represent young people from the borough, taking forward their views and debating on their behalf locally, regionally and nationally.

The successful candidates hold the posts for 12 months, from 7th March 2022. Most of their duties are arranged outside of the school day. They are also supported to make certain they honour all school commitments.

Nominations open on November 17 and close on Thursday 9th December. Preliminary online voting then opens from 13th December until 14th January 2022, to whittle down the final top four candidates. The preliminary voting process was introduced in 2010, due to extremely high levels of interest in the Young Mayor position.

Final voting for the coveted position takes place in schools and selected council buildings between 14th February – 16th February 2022.

Young people aged between 11 and 18 who live, work or attend school or college in North Tyneside, are eligible to stand for one of the positions in the election, and take part in the vote.


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Young Mayor

The Elected Young Mayor is the lead spokesperson for young people in North Tyneside and chairs the Youth Council.

All young people aged 11 to 18 (school years 7 to 13) who live or study in North Tyneside can stand for the position and can vote for who they want to represent them.

Young Mayor Suzie Mckenzie, 16 years old attends St Thomas More RC Academy, lives in North Tyneside her pledge is:

To create better support in schools for mental health issues and work on improving and promoting mental health facilities.

Contact Suzie:

Young Mayor
Telephone: (0191) 643 8215
Twitter: @NTCYoungMayor

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Youth Council

Youth Councillors are currently holding their meetings online

The Youth Council:

  • has 50 places on it, with members aged 11 to 19 years old from across North Tyneside
  • represent the views and ideas of other young people in North Tyneside
  • allows young people to meet elected members and key decision makers

Youth councillors meet monthly:

  • complete their own agreed priorities
  • to discuss what is happening
  • hear from officers of the council about plans and opportunities to get involved

The Young Mayor chooses their Young Cabinet from within the Youth Council.

You can watch previous Young Mayor updates on our YouTube Channel.

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Youth Council Committees

Committees are made up of youth councillors who are focused on an issue that is important to them and the young people they represent. The aim is to meet with adult decision makers to have a direct voice discussing the issues and agree how they can support each other to achieve a positive change for young people and their families in the borough. Each committee is working on the following:

  • Emotional Wellbeing & Mental Health Committee - Working to create better support in schools for mental health issues and work on improving and promoting mental health.
  • Environment Committee - Working to reduce the carbon footprint for North Tyneside.
  • Increased Opportunities Committee - Working to give young people a more equal chance. The committee are keen to work with the Poverty Intervention Fund priorities and agree to poverty proofing schools.
  • BAME Committee - Working to fully understand the facts about asylum seekers and refugees. The BAME Committee will link with North Tyneside BAME Taskforce and support their priorities. 
  • Equalities Committee - Working to fully understand the Issues of everyday sexism, and sexual harassment in schools.
  • Education & Enterprise Committee - Working to increase financial education in schools

For more information email

UK Youth Parliament

The UK Youth Parliament (UKYP):

  • represents the views of 11 to 18-year-olds in Youth Parliament
  • gives young people a voice on issues that matter to them at national, regional and local level
  • is made up of over 350 members and deputy members who are elected by their peers to represent young people across the UK

Member of UK Youth Parliament Abi Tang, 17 years old attends Royal Grammar school, lives in North Tyneside her pledge is:

To reduce North Tyneside’s carbon footprint and engage young people in tackling climate change


Children's Council

The Children's Council is a group of children who are aged 5 to 11 years old living or going to school in North Tyneside.

The Children’s Council:

  • work with other children and represent the views of children in the borough
  • act as a research team looking at issues, which affect children, under 11 years old in the area in which they live
  • feed into services within North Tyneside Council who work with children under 11 years old

Children in Care Council

We have three forums for children in care and care leavers to have a voice and give their opinions on how we run their services.

The Junior Children in Care Council is for aged 7 to 11 year olds:

  • they meet during school holidays and focus on issues related to their age range

The Children in Care Council is for ages 12 to 16 years:

  • they create annual surveys to gather views for other looked after children
  • run the Champions project where they link directly with service managers
  • organise events for corporate parents to attend with them

The Care Leavers Council is for young people aged 16 plus

  • they focus on leaving care issues
  • carry out inspections of children’s homes
  • do foster carer assessments
  • deliver Care4Me training to staff about what it's like being in care


Children in Care Council
Telephone: (0191) 643 8215

Advocacy service for looked after children

The Children Act 1989 (Section 26A) gives all looked after children, children in need and care leavers a statutory right to advocacy when they are making a complaint or representation to the local authority.

An advocate is someone who is just 'the voice of the child'. So, even if the 'best interest' view is clearly the right one, the child or young person will still have an adult supporting them to make sure that their wishes are acknowledged.

An advocate can do a range of things for a child or young person but the most likely are:

  • making phones calls, emails and letters to the social worker of the child or young person and other professionals involved
  • supporting them to attend meetings and reviews, or attending on their behalf
  • helping them go through the formal complaints process
  • signpost the child or young person to the information they need
  • promote the rights and entitlements of the child or young person

Wherever possible the advocate will encourage the child or young person to speak up for themselves so that in the future hopefully they can deal with issues without the need for an advocate.

Advocates work in an open way, and will always tell the child or young person they are working for about any conversations they have had with professionals. If it is a time when sharing this information may be upsetting or harmful to the child or young person they will work with the professional to make sure they are told in a more suitable way.

Conact an advocate:

Telephone: (0191) 643 8215
Mobile: (call or text) 07971 294247

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North Tyneside SEND Youth Forum

North Tyneside SEND Youth Forum is open to children and young people aged of 11-25 with Special Educational Needs and /or Disabilities (SEND) living or attending education in North Tyneside.  

The group discuss issues that affect their lives, raise awareness about SEND and are supported to work with North Tyneside Council and other organisations (who provide services for young people).   

Currently the group meet on the second Wednesday of each month at 5.30-7.00pm (sessions are a mix of virtual and face to face). 

For more information or to recieve a link to the virtual session on Microsoft Teams, please contact: Participation Advocacy and Engagement Team. 

Tel: 0191 643 8215


Facebook: North Tyneside Participation and Advocacy Team

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Young Junior Civic Award

The Young Civic Award:

  • gives a sense of achievement
  • builds confidence
  • increases skill levels in your chosen activities
  • helps you work towards a Duke of Edinburgh Award and to go on to further education, employment or training

To achieve the award you must:

  • be between 11 and 14
  • live or go to school in North Tyneside
  • take part in a variety of activities for a set amount of time
  • show dedication and enthusiasm


Participation, Advocacy and Engagement Team
Telephone: (0191) 643 8215
Twitter: @ParticipationNT

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