Greenbelt open space and recreation

Green Belt, open space and recreation

Green Space Strategy

This document sets out the long term vision for green spaces within the Borough, with the aim to provide green spaces that are attractive, safe, accessible and well managed. As part of the Strategy, the quality and value of all green spaces in the Borough have been audited, and the current and desired standards of provision of different types of green space are set out.

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Green Infrastructure Strategy

This document looks at the networks of green space that exist across the Borough and identifies green infrastructure deficiencies; identifies opportunities, future projects and potential linkages to regeneration, biodiversity, water management and rights of way.

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Green Belt Review

This document considers the North Tyneside Green Belt in the context of its objectives and role as defined in the National Planning Policy Framework.

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Playing Pitch Strategy

This document provides a framework for the maintenance and improvement of existing playing pitches and ancillary facilities over the next ten years. It covers the sports of football, rugby, cricket and artificial grass pitches (AGPs).

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Built Sports Strategy

The strategy aims to assess built sports facilities within North Tyneside. This involves assessing the quantity, accessibility, quality, demand, range of providers and availability of North Tyneside’s indoor sports provision.

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Local Green Space

The Strategy sets out the current provision of different types of green space across the Borough, and by setting local provision standards, identifies where there are deficiencies in existing quantity, distribution or quality of green space. It also includes the results of a Borough-wide assessment of the quality and value of all publicly accessible green spaces.

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