Our North Tyneside Plan

Our North Tyneside Plan 2021 - 2025

Building a better North Tyneside

The Our North Tyneside Plan sets out our bold ambitions for making North Tyneside an even greater place to live, work and visit by 2025. The plan outlines a vision of building a better North Tyneside, looking to the future and listening to and working better for residents.

It focuses on five key themes that reflect your priorities and will help create a North Tyneside that is thriving, family-friendly, caring, secure and green.

The plan builds on the work over the council over the last eight years and addresses the key challenges we all now face as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is a plan to build a better North Tyneside and to restore hope and confidence in the future where we tackle inequalities and discrimination and ensure no-one is left behind.

Each key theme has specific areas of work and clear priorities.

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A thriving North Tyneside

  • We will regenerate the high streets of North Shields and Wallsend, and in addition to the Master Plan for North Shields, we will bring forward Master Plans for Wallsend and Whitley Bay town centre areas. We will also bring investment and improvements to the North West area of the borough and ensure that regeneration delivers ambition, opportunity and benefits for all of our residents
  • We will bring more good quality jobs to North Tyneside – by helping local businesses to grow and making it attractive for new businesses to set up or relocate in the borough
  • We will invest in adult education and to support apprenticeships to make sure people have the right skills for the job
  • We will keep our libraries and leisure centres open as part of a vibrant range of cultural and sporting activities to support the health and wellbeing of our residents
  • We will continue to be the destination of choice for visitors through the promotion of North Tyneside’s award-winning parks, beaches, festivals and seasonal activities
  • We will reduce the number of derelict properties across the borough
  • We will review how the council purchases and contracts for goods and services to maximise value for money, social value and environmental sustainability

A secure North Tyneside

  • Council wardens will work in partnership with Northumbria Police to prevent and tackle all forms of antisocial behaviour
  • We will continue to invest £2m per year in fixing our roads and pavements
  • We will maintain the Council Tax support scheme that cuts bills for thousands of households across North Tyneside
  • We will tackle health and socio-economic inequalities across the borough including through our Poverty Intervention Fund to tackle food poverty
  • We will provide 5000 affordable homes

A family friendly North Tyneside

  • We will support local schools, making sure all children have access to a high-quality education with opportunities to catch up where needed after the pandemic
  • We will provide outstanding children’s services, events and facilities so North Tyneside is a great place for family life
  • We will ensure all children are ready for school including through poverty proofing the school day – giving our kids the best start in life

A caring North Tyneside

  • We will provide great care to all who need it, with extra support available all the way through to the end of the pandemic
  • We will work with the care provision sector to improve the working conditions of care workers; People will be cared for, protected and supported if they become vulnerable, including if they become homeless
  • We will support local community groups and the essential work they do
  • We will work to reduce inequality, eliminate discrimination and ensure the social rights of the people of North Tyneside are key to council decision making

A green North Tyneside

  • We will keep increasing the amount of waste that can be recycled and introduce food waste collections and deposit return schemes
  • Council environmental hit squads will crack down on littering
  • We will secure funding to help low-income households to install low-carbon heating
  • We will increase opportunities for safe walking and cycling, including providing a segregated cycleway at the coast
  • We will publish an action plan of the steps we will take and the national investment we will seek to make North Tyneside carbon net-zero by 2030

Working together

This is our plan for North Tyneside but we know the Council cannot deliver it on its own. We work in partnership with our residents, our businesses, our community and voluntary sector and the other key organisations like the NHS, the police, fire and rescue services.