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North Tyneside Participation Advocacy and Engagement Team

The team supports a number of children and young people such as the Elected Young Mayor, Elected Member of UK Youth Parliament, Youth Council, Children in Care Council, Children’s Council and a variety of  Youth Council themed committees which are  Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health, Environment, Increased Opportunities, Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME), Equalities and Education and Enterprise. These forums give children and young people the opportunity to tell the council and its partners about what life is like growing up and going to school in North Tyneside.


There are also opportunities for those children and young people who are not part of these forums to get involved in decision making through other work with services and schools around participation.


The team also provides advocacy to children and young people in care to help them tackle difficulties they are having regarding decisions being made about them.


The Participation, Advocacy and Engagement team uphold the rights of children, with a focus on Article 12 of the UNCRC (United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child), which states that children and young people have the right to be heard and involved in decisions which affect them.

The team support North Tyneside SEND Youth Forum, link with North Tyneside Parent Carer Forum and engage children, young people and families in the development and review of the SEND Local Offer.


North Tyneside Council, Quadrant East, Cobalt Buisness Park, Tyne & Wear, NE27 0BY

email: participation@northtyneside.gov.uk

tel:0191 643 8215

North Tyneside SEND Youth Forum


North Tyneside SEND Youth Forum is open to children and young people aged of 11-25 with Special Educational Needs and /or Disabilities (SEND) living or attending education in North Tyneside.  

The group discuss issues that affect their lives, raise awareness about SEND and are supported to work with North Tyneside Council and other organisations (who provide services for young people).   

Currently the group meet on the second Wednesday of each month at 5.30-7.00pm (sessions are a mix of virtual and face to face). 


For more information or to recieve a link to the virtual session on Microsoft Teams, please contact: Participation Advocacy and Engagement Team. 

Tel: 0191 643 8215

Email: participation@northtyneside.gov.uk 

Facebook: North Tyneside Participation and Advocacy Team


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North Tyneside Parent Carer Forum

North Tyneside Parent Carer Forum - A group of parents and carers of children, young people and adults aged 0-25 who have special educational needs and/or disabilities who live in North Tyneside. Our aim is to support parents and carers in our community enabling them to access services and give them a voice in shaping and developing these services.

We work with relevant providers on a strategic level to help improve services available to families. We also work closely with the local authority, health and social care and with our local SENDIASS team as well as other agencies.

Parent Carer and Family Involvement

To capture the wider voice of parents and carers, we have established a network of representatives from: 

  • Parent carer led organisations / groups (SEND)
  • Family support organisations / groups (SEND)

The network represents the voice of parents and carers of children and young people with SEND related to key themes. 

Representatives from each network currently meet every six weeks. 

If you lead an organisation or a group (SEND) and would be interested in joining the network or want to find out more then please get in touch via the Local Offer inbox Local.Offer@northtyneside.gov.uk and someone from our team will be in touch with you shortly.



Opportunities to share your views




Inclusion North would like to gather the voices of people with Autism and a learning disability and their carers in the North East and North Cumbria area and feed them back into the Integrated care system to inform services. 

They would like to find out what individuals/groups think about their quality of life and support. 

Please complete the appropriate questionnaire to share your views.

Group questionnaire - https://www.rixeasysurvey.org/kiosk/PRdy

Individual questionnaire - https://www.rixeasysurvey.org/kiosk/apM8



Council for Disabled Children:

Council for Disabled Children's research team are looking to talk to children and young people (11-25) who have had a social care assessment and would like to have their voice heard around this. 

Are you a disabled young person who has had a social care assessment in England? Then we need to hear from you for our Living Assessments Project.


 The project looks at these questions:

· how decisions are made about giving social care support to young people and families

· what difference that support makes and

· what it is like to have those types of assessments?

This group meets about once every 10 weeks for 90 minutes (1.5 hours).If you join this group you will come to meetings (either by Zoom or in person) to talk about how the researchers do their work, what they find out and how they will tell people about what they find. You might also like to take part in data analysis (what the research findings are telling us), help write about the findings or talk about them at conferences or events. You can choose what you would like to do as we have lots of jobs that need to be done.

If you join this group you will get a £20 voucher for each meeting that you come to. You will also get help, support and training, references for your CV or for when you are looking for a job, and have a chance to take part in team building activities and events (to be decided by you!). All travel, accommodation and food will be paid for by NCB. If you need someone to come with you to meetings or to help you travel NCB will pay for those too. Anyone who has communication challenges, SEN or who is lacking confidence will also get support. We will work with you to ensure you have the support you need to take part.

Please visit the NCB website to find out more by following this link:Living Assessments (ncb.org.uk)

You can apply online here: https://iassn.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/experts-by-experience-application-form

Please contact Teresa Geraghty if you have any questions – tgeraghty@ncb.org.uk or 07432 739865


Call for evidence on the lives of people with Down’s syndrome

Last month, the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) launched a call for evidence to ensure better access to health, education, social care and housing for people with Down’s syndrome.

People with Down’s syndrome, families, professionals and charities are invited to share their experiences and expertise which will be used to shape new guidance for authorities to follow.

The new guidance intends to help ensure those with Down’s syndrome receive the care and support they need to live longer, happier and healthier lives.

The call for evidence is focused on Down’s syndrome but will also test whether the guidance can benefit other people too. Those with a different genetic condition, as well as their families and carers, are invited to contribute.

This consultation is open to everyone and will close on 8 November.



Accessible version: https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/down-syndrome-act-2022-guidance-call-for-evidence-easy-read


SEND Network News

North Tyneside SEND Network News brings together information for families about services and opportunities in North Tyneside

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