North West

Building on feedback from residents and businesses, our Ambition for North Tyneside lays out a number of bold projects reflecting the authority’s ambition around its ‘our people’, ‘our place’ and ‘our economy’ themes.

It focuses on the needs of every part of the borough and sets out how the council hopes to help shape North Tyneside and make sure it is fit for the future. 

What we want to achieve

The North West is a great place to live and includes many of our historic mining settlements as well as Killingworth new town. The area has a broad range of housing and sees strong demand from families who want to live there. It has access to national infrastructure assets at the A1 and Newcastle Airport with a good leisure offer and a significant portion of the Borough’s open land and major development sites including Killingworth Moor which is identified in the 2017 Local Plan for 1500 new homes.

We are trying to develop sustainable communities, supporting retail and bringing local centres to life while meeting housing need (particularly in and around the former mining communities). We want to grow the economy, seeing more and better jobs to which people are better connected as well as delivering the Killingworth Master Plan in a way that promotes a richer living environment on human scale. 

What we are doing now

Killingworth Lake 

A major flood alleviation project has been delivered by the Authority and the Environment Agency by recontouring parts of the site and introducing new planting. This will help improve the visitor experience and make the drainage in the area more sustainable. The new surface water management arrangements have provided opportunities to further invest and broaden the offer of the park.

Forest Hall Shopping Centre 

This well used local centre has been improved with investment into the public realm which was completed in April 2019. Working with the community and businesses, this scheme has transformed the appearance of the centre and has acted as a catalyst for further private sector investment into commercial properties.

Killingworth Young People’s Club 

A new 3G pitch has been developed which has improved the facility for its users. The KYPC is well used community asset and is home to some 20 teams ranging from toddlers to young adults. This has further supported our health and well being objectives and helps residents to lead healthy lives.

Burradon 3G Pitch

Approved works to make improvements to the bowling green, grass pitches and artificial grass mini soccer pitch at Burradon Welfare are planned to begin soon.

Cycle and Bus Infrastructure 

Work has also been completed to add a new bus lane and improve access for cyclists and pedestrians along Salters’ Lane between Haddrick’s Mill and West Moor. This was completed in October 2019 and is part of the wider Salters Lane A189 Improvement Works which was funded through a successful bid to the National Productivity Investment Fund.

Killingworth Moor Housing Site 

Work continues to deliver our plans for new housing in the borough. We continue to work with developers and land-owners to develop appropriate plans for the delivery of new housing and infrastructure at the Killingworth Moor site which will be in line with the approved Master Plan. 

What we will do next

Killingworth Lake 

Further investment is planned in Killingworth Lake. This will build on the investment in Flood Defences and will broaden and expand the visitor offer by further developing facilities and unlocking additional opportunities and activities. This should lead to increased use while preserving the ecology of the site and its landscape. Proposed investment will include a Multi-Use Games Area, a new café opportunity and a health and fitness trail. 

Borough-wide Wagonway Project 

The Wagonways are a much-valued resource for the entire borough – spreading out from the former mines from Seaton Burn towards Earsdon. Their original routes south to the river have been successfully developed into popular walking and cycling routes. It is proposed to develop the network over the next 5 years in three ways.

The first is navigation and connectivity. We will work with users and communities to ensure there is comprehensive signage that allows the use of the network for leisure and travel to work. That work will translate into supporting maps available digitally to support residents and visitors to explore and use the network. In some places, the connections through built up areas or across the highways network need improvement to make travel easier.

The second is surfacing and treatment. The routes need to be able to be used by a wide variety of users, and in particular people with disabilities. A consistent approach to surfacing and treatment is being agreed to ensure greater consistency across the network and to ensure standards are in place whenever a project is being delivered. We will work with users and communities on these standards.

The third is animation. The Wagonways are a legacy of a rich history and work is planned to tell the story of the network and find ways to bring that to life for users. We will work with users and communities to help interpretation of the heritage of the network. But the network is also a living resource. There are opportunities to increase engagement and awareness of the flora and fauna that surround the network as well as encouraging greater diversity. And there is an opportunity to provide business opportunities throughout the network serving users and working with the materials that grow along its length.