In year transfers

In Year Transfers

In Year Applications are used for your child to change schools if you are moving into North Tyneside and need a school place for your child, or if your child is already attending a North Tyneside School and you want to apply for another school. You cannot apply for an In Year Transfer to another school using the Online Citizens Portal.  You must apply using the paper forms available below. If you cannot download the form or you don't have access to a printer, please email us your address and we will post a form to you.

In Year admissions are those that occur other than at the normal time of entry to school. The local authority is unable to process applications for schools where the date that the place is required from, is more than 4 weeks from the date of the application (Service and Crown Personnel are exempt). Children who are not resident in the UK but have intention to enter the country may be asked to provide proof.

Please read the following information below.

Burnside College are now processing their own in year applications, if you wish to apply for this school, please contact the school directly or see link below.

Burnside College

The Access Team will co-ordinate the transfer process on behalf of most schools in North Tyneside including Academies, Voluntary Aided and Trust Schools.  

  • You must fill in a separate In Year Application form for each child. Please tell us on the form if your child has school age siblings. 
  • You can choose up to three schools to apply for and you can apply for schools in other areas. 
  • If you want to apply for a place in 6th Form or a Nursery, please contact the School or Nursery directly, we do not deal with these applications. 
  • We can only discuss the application by phone or email with the person who makes the application.  We cannot meet with you to discuss your application in person. 
  • If you have any queries please contact us by email at  You can send your applications to us by post or email.  The postal address and email address are on the forms.  If you send us your application by post please make sure you pay the correct amount of postage.

If you are moving into North Tyneside from out of area Section B is not required to be completed but a recent school report is welcomed. 

If the pupil is currently attending a North Tyneside school, you must get the Headteacher of their current school to complete Section B of the application form. This means that schools will always be aware of any transfer requests. The application will not be processed unless Section B is completed.

You may choose up to three schools to apply for, and you can apply for schools in other areas. If your preferences are for schools outside of North Tyneside we will contact the appropriate admission authority to enable a decision to be made about your application. 

Upon receipt of an in-year application, the admission authority, or the local authority if it is co-ordinating the admissions authority’s in-year admissions, should aim to notify the parents of the outcome of their application in writing within 10 school days, but they must be notified in writing within 15 school days. 

If your application is refused the Admission Authority will write to you informing you of this, and tell you of your right to appeal the decision to the Independent Appeals Panel.

If there are places available, the start date in school may not be immediate and may be at the beginning of a half term.

Legal Requirement

You are legally required to make sure your child accesses education and therefore your child should remain at their current school until they have started attending their new school.  If you do not ensure your child attends school and their absence is unauthorised, you could be guilty of an offence and prosecuted.

School Vacancy Information 

Please see the below attachment for School Vacancy information within North Tyneside.

The below information should be used as a guide to which schools have vacancies. School places can change rapidly, this information is not a guarantee that a place would be available in the school for your child.

If more people apply to a school than there are places available, all applications are ranked against the oversubscription criteria for the school regardless of the date received. The place would be offered to the child who ranked highest on the list. Read the school's admission policy to understand how places are allocated.