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Safer North Tyneside

Role of the partnership

Safer North Tyneside is a multi-agency partnership that includes North Tyneside Council, Northumbria Police, Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service, Northumbria Probation Trust and North Tyneside Clinical Commissioning Group.

Our job is to tackle community safety issues. Since 2011 our work has helped to significantly reduce crime in North Tyneside by focussing on the community safety issues that really matter to residents.

The success of Safer North Tyneside can be demonstrated by the fact that North Tyneside is the safest metropolitan borough in England.

The Safer North Tyneside Board meetings occur quarterly, in January, April, July and October.

What our communities tell us

How safe people feel in their local neighbourhood is closely linked to how satisfied they are with the Borough as a whole. Low levels of crime continue to be rated as the most important aspect of making somewhere a good place to live. Understanding attitudes toward crime and safety is therefore of fundamental importance.

Feelings of safety in North Tyneside have improved steadily since 2005 according to a number of surveys. Considering the 2012 Residents' Survey, 90% reported feeling safe during the day. Although this was 4% lower than in 2011, there was an equal increase in respondents who had no strong feeling either way. This is similar to results from surveys conducted at Area Forum events where a considerable proportion of respondents felt neither safer nor less safe, stating that they had no real issues on which to base a judgment. This suggests that residents may be taking feelings of safety during the day for granted. This argument can further be supported by looking at the 62% of respondents who feel safe after dark, which was 2% higher than in 2011.

Public confidence is higher in North Tyneside than in any other are in Northumbria, with 75% of respondents to the Safer Communities Survey believing that the council and Police tackle the crime and disorder problems that matter in their area.

The same survey also suggests that quality of life issues, such as rowdy behaviour and inconsiderate parking, are more important to residents than concerns over crime.

What we know about crime and anti-social behaviour (ASB)

In addition to the qualitative findings sourced from Residents' Surveys, Safer North Tyneside examined a number of issues relevant to community safety in the borough. From this, a series of observations and recommendations were made.

A general overview of crime and ASB showed a decrease in comparable recorded crime; with 60% fewer offences compared to 2003/04.
As well as decreasing crime levels, comparable recorded incidents of ASB saw a fall of a similar degree; with 55% fewer incidents since 2007/08.

Levels of ASB fell in all four areas of the borough, with decreases in overall ASB and that related to alcohol and youths.

Related community safety problems also improved. Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service had to attend 40% fewer deliberate fires and the Safer Estates team had to deal with 48% fewer cases of environmental nuisance.

However, it is acknowledged that economic constraints and changing social factors could have a significant impact on future performance.

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