Empty homes (Private Sector).


Properties are left empty for a range of reasons, owners may have problems selling or letting their property, be waiting for the right time to sell because of negative equity or have problems raising funds to complete renovations to an acceptable standard.  North Tyneside Council is committed to helping owners bring their long term empty properties back into use in order to reduce the negative impact empty properties have on neighbourhoods and increase the supply of affordable housing 

Do you need help with your empty property?

If you own an empty property we can help with:
• Advice and support to bring the empty property back into use
• Property refurbishment through the Empty Homes Leasing Scheme
• Introduction to other voluntary sector leasing schemes
• Deposit Guarantee Scheme
• Correspondence to claim VAT reduction
• In certain circumstances we may consider purchasing your empty property

~~If you need help to return an empty property back to use please let us know by emailing  Privatesector.emptyhomes@northtyneside.gov.uk or calling 0191 643 6207. 




Is it illegal to leave my property empty?

~~It is not illegal to keep a property empty but it can be an expensive option. You must make sure that it remains secure and well-maintained, that the gardens are kept neat and tidy and that you pay your council tax and other utility demands.
To prevent the property falling into disrepair and becoming a target for vandalism you should, at least:
• Arrange adequate insurance
• Arrange for the gardens to be maintained to a minimum standard
• Create the appearance that it is occupied, for example, by hanging curtains
• Have it inspected at regular intervals and undertake any repairs or damage that may occur
• Consider giving a neighbour a telephone number so that someone can be contacted in an emergency



~~If a property has been empty for a long time and we can’t find the owners or they refuse to engage with us the councils regulatory services may be able to take enforcement action.
The action taken will depend on the condition of the property and the impact it is having on the local area
In most cases we are only able to carry out work to make the property safe and secure.  

Report an empty property
If you notice an empty property in the borough which you are concerned about or need help to return an empty property back to use please let us know by emailing Privatesector.emptyhomes@northtyneside.gov.uk or calling 0191 643 6207