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Housing Land Availability

The Housing Land Availability Assessment (HLAA) is a technical study that determines the suitability, availability and achievability of land for development of housing. It is updated annually and includes a statement on the Council's Five-Year land supply position. 

The Council are currently consulting with developers and landowners over the deliverability of sites from 2022 onwards. The draft map can be found online at the following link, please note delivery on some sites still shows estimates from 2021. 


The draft deliverability tables can be found below. 

An up-to-date position on the Council's Five-Year supply will be published in September 2022. 

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Brownfield Land Register

The Brownfield Land Register will provide details of previously developed sites that are available and potentially suitable for residential development. The preparation of the Brownfield Land Register is governed by The Town and Country Planning (Brownfield Land Register) Regulations 2017.

The Register is to be kept in two parts:

  • Part One of the Register contains sites categorised as previously developed land which are suitable, available and achievable for residential development;
  • Part Two of the Register allows local planning authorities to select sites from Part One and grant Permission in Principle (PiP) for housing-led development. PiP will establish the fundamental principles of development in terms of the use, location and amount of housing. However, planning permission is not granted until Technical Details Consent is applied for and approved by the local planning authority.

The Register will be maintained and reviewed at least once a year to make sure it is kept up to date. The most recent update of the Register was in December 2021.

It is important to note that inclusion on Part One of the Brownfield Land Register does not mean that planning permission has been granted, nor does a site’s inclusion on the register give any additional weight or status if an application for Planning Permission is made.

Brownfield Land Register Part 2
The following sites have been subject to a 42 day consultation for consideration to be placed on Part 2 of the register:

  • Land South of Leeholme Burradon Road, Annitsford (19/01167/PIP) – Placed on Part 2
  • Site Of Former West House, Grasmere Court, Killingworth (19/01131/PIP) – Placed on Part 2
  • Dudley Social Club House Western Terrace Dudley (19/01174/PIP) – Placed on Part 2

As required by the regulations, all sites included within Part 2 of the register have been subject to the required publicity, notification and consultation. All sites entered in Part 2 of the brownfield land register are granted permission in principle, which establishes the suitability, in principle, of land for housing-led development.

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Strategic Housing Market Assessment

The North Tyneside Strategic Housing Market assessment (SHMA) enables the Council to think spatially about the nature and influence of its housing markets in respect to its area by:

  • Providing a robust evidence on the full housing needs to inform policies aimed at providing the right scale, tenure and mix of housing across the Borough – both market and affordable housing;
  • Provide evidence to inform policies about the level of affordable housing required including the need for different sizes of affordable housing.
  • Support a strategic approach to housing by considering housing need and demand in all housing sectors – owner occupier, private rented and affordable –and assessment of the key drivers and relationships within the housing market.

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The Self and Custom Build Register

North Tyneside Council is required to keep a register of individuals and associations of individuals seeking to acquire land to build a home, in accordance with the Self-Build and Custom Housebuilding Act 2015.

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Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Needs Assessment

The document provides an evidence base to enable the Council to comply with its requirements towards Gypsies and Travellers and Travelling Showpeople under the Housing Act 2004, the National Planning Policy Framework 2012 and Planning Policy for Traveller Sites 2012.

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Viability Assessment

This document sets out the broad method applied by the Council to establishing its assessment of area wide viability of future growth outlined in the Local plan.

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Affordable Housing Viability Assessment

The Affordable Housing Viability Assessment assesses the likely economic viability of land for housing within the Borough taking into account risks to delivery and the level of finance available for affordable housing, including public subsidy and the level of developer contribution that can reasonably be secured.

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Demographic and household forecasts update

Informed by 2014 based Sub-national population projections and household forecasts.

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Housing Optional Technical Standards

From 1st October, 2015, local authorities have the option to set additional technical requirements exceeding the minimum standards required by Building Regulations in respect of access and water efficiency, and a Nationally Described Space Standard (NDSS). This report sets out the evidence that has been considered in deciding whether to implement the optional standards (in whole or part) through the emerging North Tyneside Local Plan. It should be read in conjunction with the Area Wide Viability Assessment Update June 2016.

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Employment Land Review

The Employment Land Review includes an assessment of the current supply of employment land, investigates future demand for employment land and premises, and identifies any deficiencies in current supply in meeting future needs.

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