Site specific evidence

Concept Plans

The initial ideas for development of the strategic sites at Killingworth Moor and Murton Gap were expressed in a preliminary Concept Framework, which was used to help guide the future master planning and delivery on these sites. The Concept Framework developed into Outline Development Frameworks that have been included on the Policies Map for the Local Plan.

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Infrastructure, Viability and Retail

The evidence provides an assessment of the infrastructure required to support the development of Murton Gap and Killingworth Moor and consider the viability aspects and retail capacity of the two sites.

Update the document to the Killingworth Moor and Murton Gap Viability and Deliverability Report.

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The evidence assesses pedestrian and cycling infrastructure in and surrounding the strategic sites and opportunities to maximise travel by public transport and providing excellent pedestrian and cycling links to the key public transport nodes and interchanges.

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Ground Conditions

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Heritage and Archeology

The potential impact of development on heritage assets such as buildings, monuments, places, areas or landscapes have been considered in a number of separate assessments for the Strategic Sites.

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Open Space

The Open Space assessments outline the quantum and quality of existing open space and recreation space in the area and the amount needed to meet demand created by the strategic sites.

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