North East

Building on feedback from residents and businesses, our Ambition for North Tyneside lays out a number of bold projects reflecting the authority’s ambition around its ‘our people’, ‘our place’ and ‘our economy’ themes.

It focuses on the needs of every part of the borough and sets out how the council hopes to help shape North Tyneside and make sure it is fit for the future.

What we want to achieve

The North East has seen significant investment at the coast in recent years through the Seafront Master Plan, creating a visitor destination not only for the borough but the wider area too.

We are investing in the environment and infrastructure to encourage visitors to support the local economy. We aim to build upon the success of the Spanish City regeneration and create a first-class coastal destination. This includes continued investment in our coastal infrastructure following our investment in the Central Lower Promenade and the southern portion of the Northern Promenade and Watts Slope toilets. We aim to meet housing and transport demand in a sustainable way. 

What we are doing now

High Point Hotel 

The development of the former High Point Hotel to create 14 high quality seafront town houses has been completed and has transformed the site which was previously occupied in part by a semi-derelict hotel. The scheme has had a major impact in improving the appearance of this part of the seafront and in improving perceptions of the area through its high-quality contemporary design. It has also brought new, high quality housing opportunities to the area for people seeking to live on the coast. The scheme is currently being marketed with some of the properties now occupied.

Empress Point Housing 

The redevelopment of the former Avenue Pub has been completed transforming this prominent seafront location and building on the success of the Spanish City regeneration. The scheme, which has been delivered by our trading company, Aurora, has provided 12 high quality family homes. The scheme is currently being marketed with some of the properties now occupied.

St Mary’s Island Causeway 

We have carried out remedial works to St. Mary’s Island Causeway as part of initial steps to secure further investment into the island as part of the visitor offer.

Southern Promenade 

Work to repair and strengthen the lower sea wall at Southern Promenade to maintain an effective sea defence has been carried out. The work involved infilling a set of steps which were causing a weak spot in the structure along with other localised repairs to the wall.

What we will do next

Northern Promenade 

Significant investment in the Central Lower Promenade and the first southern portion of the Northern Promenade have been a successful part of the regeneration of Whitley Bay. The public spaces have provided room for events and exercise for residents, visitors and businesses from across the Borough. It is proposed to complete the work on the Northern Promenade in three phases over the next five years.

Phase 1 – The Rendezvous Café. This phase constitutes an investment of just over £1m to renovate the building, including the associated toilets, car park and promenade space. It is due to be complete in the Spring of 2021. The work aims to preserve the character of the café while improving the fabric of the building and the public toilets.

Phase 2 – Northern Promenade final surfacing work. This phase will complete the refurbishment of the promenade dealing with the original surface treatment and the remains of the former beach huts. Due to be delivered in 2021/22 and expected to costs £0.8m.

Phase 3 – Linking the path at Briar Dene to the St Mary’s Island Promenade upgrading the current informal path on the sea side of the Mini Golf Course. Due to be delivered in 2022/23 and expected to cost £0.2m

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