Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA)


The Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) shows the health and wellbeing needs of local people which is used to provide and develop health, wellbeing and social care services.

 The North Tyneside Borough Profile is the current JSNA and:

  • Provides a picture of health and care needs for the local community
  • Looks at the health of the population and the behaviours which affect health
  • Looks at social issues that have an impact on people's health and wellbeing, such as education, poverty and employment
  • Shows health inequalities

The Data Store also contains data on key characteristics at a Borough and Ward level. 

There is a specific SEND Needs and Sufficiency Assessment. It assists the SEND Strategic Board to hold all partners to account by reviewing the latest picture of needs and assessing progress against the priorities in the Vision Statement and Joint Commissioning Strategy 2018-2021 JSNA.

Domestic Abuse Needs Assessment for North Tyneside.

There is a specific Domestic Abuse Needs Assessment for North Tyneside.  The Domestic Abuse Act passed in 2021, provides the first statutory definition of domestic abuse.

The new definition in the Act applies to relationships between two people aged 16 and over who are "personally connected". It defines behaviour as abusive if it consists of : physical or sexual abuse; violent or threatening behaviour; controlling or coercive behaviour; economic abuse; psychological, emotional or other abuse; and conduct towards a third party, such as a child, that affects a partner. The Act also sets out a series of measures the government will take to tackle the issue. These include but are not limited to:

  • Establishing the Domestic Abuse Commissioner.
  • Providing for a new Domestic Abuse Protection Notice and Domestic Abuse Protection Order.
  • Prohibiting perpetrators of domestic abuse cross-examining victims in person in the courts.
  • Making Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme guidance statutory.
  • Introducing  a new duty on councils to provide secure lifetime tenancies for social tenants affected by domestic abuse.

As part of the duties under the Act, the local authority is required to undertake a needs assessment.  The Domestic Abuse Needs Assessment purpose is to:

  • Inform North Tyneside’s response to the Domestic Abuse Act
  • Identify gaps in data and areas for further work/research
  • Underpin a review of safe accommodation provision and commissioned DA support services in North Tyneside
  • Describe and understand the population of North Tyneside
  • Examine and understand the prevalence of domestic abuse in North Tyneside

Domestic Abuse Partnership (DAP) 

North Tyneside’s Domestic Abuse Partnership (DAP) is the multi agency strategic group responsible for coordinating the local approach to afford protection, provision and prevention for  those who have or are experiencing domestic abuse. The DA Board has responsibility to respond to the findings of the Domestic Abuse Needs Assessment and develop a strategy in response for North Tyneside.

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