Conservation and heritage

Killingworth Lakeside Park has an interesting history and is part of a wider heritage project to promote the area's connection with George Stephenson. 

The Friends of Killingworth Lake are working closely with council officers to promote specific events. 

The Park Warden is key to the development of the natural flora and fauna on this site, working alongside the Biodiversity Officer, Environmental Services Area Officer and the Friends of Killingworth Lake. Local schools and community groups have been  involved to introduce and manage wildflower areas throughout the park.

There is also a woodland planting programme to improve the ground-flora. Killingworth Lakeside Park links into the biodiversity targets relating to priority species and habitats contained in North Tyneside Council's Biodiversity Action Plan.

Local schools and community groups are also involved with the creation of wildlife habitats and bird feeding areas. Sometimes this means just retaining any standing deadwood, where it is safe to do so, other times it is through warden led activities such as making bird feeders and food for over the winter months.