Disclosure log


The disclosure log displays replies to requests for information under the Freedom of Information Act and the Environmental Information Regulations.

Recently published disclosures

White Swan Asbestos Report
EIR4861 EV chargers
EIR4738 Road restraint systems
EIR4835 Nuisance Smoke
EIR4603 Enforcement for litter and refuse
EIR4785 Pothole Damage
EIR4793 Pothole damage
EIR4746 Electric Vehicle Charging
Safeguarding Disabled Children
EIR4790 rewilding
EIR4754 Local Plan
EIR4757 No Mow Way
EIR4655 Impact of high gas and electricity prices on local authorities' finances and services
EIR4733 Noise Nuisance
EIR4739 Plastic Waste
EIR4745 Noise Nuisance (Dogs)
EIR4708 Fly-Tipping
EIR4724 Potholes
EIR4728 Streetlights
FOI4486 Libraries
EIR4408 Cycling Schemes
EIR4699 Planning application fees
EIR4704 Nuisance odours
FOI4457 - Local Authority funding for free entitlement for two, three and four-year-olds
EIR4713 Civic Car
EIR4722 Potholes
EIR4688 Parking restrictions
Members enquiry figures
Local Plan and flood-zones
Spanish City
Potholes - claims and spend
list of all Hackney Carriages and Private Hire Vehicles
Referrals to children's social care made by schools
children not in education
Forest Hall Library Asset of Community Value
Berkely Tavern Asset of Community Value
joint S117 policy
Co munity led housing
Road bridges
Electric vehicle charging points
Deaths of children known to social services
people arriving in the country illegally ie boat people through Dover etc are being accommodated in North Tyneside
Council owned properties and spend on repairs
DBS checks
Rising Sun Farm
School software
Household Support Fund
absence from work for an employee participating in Medical Research
Statutory independent advocacy
Council run care homes