Disclosure log


The disclosure log displays replies to requests for information under the Freedom of Information Act and the Environmental Information Regulations.

Recently published disclosures

Learning Management System and e-learning provision
Asylum seeking children (UASC)
Looked after children
user engagement and your use of open source and open standards for your digital services
residential properties owned by companies
Maintenance of public toilets
Looked after children
Cost of Covid 19 marketing and advertising campaigns
Covid 19 advertising and marketing and vaccination centres
Traffic warden assaults
School Crossing Patrols
Cookies and website design
Councillors allowances
Standards for employees of social workers
Afghan Locally Employed Staff Relocation Scheme.
Childrens Social Care Case Management System
Affordable housing and new builds
job specification/ description for Environmental Health Officer and Senior Environmental Health Officer.
Private sector rented enforcement action
Hackney Carriages and Private Hire Vehicles
Statement of Intent for Flexible Energy
recycling figures
applications for planning permission
Licensed dog breeders
Statutory overcrowding
North Tyneside’s carbon footprint, and in particular its carbon emissions, for 2020 and 2021
Heads of service details
Weed Control
Independent Social Living providers
New food businesses
cences issued under the Dangerous Wild Animals Act
Children taken into care mental health
Public health funerals
Home educated children
School admissions
Waiting list for allotments
Biodiversity Net Gain for small developments
Restart grant for businesses
Enforcement action against Section 95 Home Office accommodation
Domestic Abuse Local Partnership Board
Charging for Care and Support
Business rates
Truck restrictions in North Tyneside
support for children with multi-sensory impairment
Planning applications Somals Premier
Childrens playgrounds
children’s playgrounds were managed by the council
Domestic Homicide Reviews
Dogs on beaches
Planning deartment information