Disclosure log


The disclosure log displays replies to requests for information under the Freedom of Information Act and the Environmental Information Regulations.

Recently published disclosures

Nitrogen and phosphorous pollution in or near Natura 2000 sites
Child poverty levels
Sea Scout Hut at Tynemouth
Street lighting
NTC relationship with DMA Holdings SA.
NTC rented / leased buildings on Cobalt Business Park
Housing software
Deaths notified to the council amongst home care (domiciliary care) service users,
No Cycling signs
Tendering portal
Agreements with Earnd Ltd
Finances in relation to section 106 agreements
Section 106 Contributions
Canopy cost at Killingworth depot
Free school meals
Photocopiers and MFD Equipment
Clerical staff dismissed for computer misuse
Post adoption letterboxes
Age testing of asylum seekers
Looked after children
EU, European Economic Area (EEA), Swiss national children, or children who may be able to apply for the Settlement Scheme through a family member
Member enquiry numbers
income maximisation activities benefits
Alternative education providers
Housing affordability assessments
Reports of alleged Covid breaches at places of worship
LRG or ARG grants to TAXI and Private Hire drivers/proprietors
ICT strategy and business plans
Agreements the Council have with Telecommunications Operators for apparatus
2019 and 2020 list of all the new properties constructed within the local authority
Complaints regarding smoke
Recycled waste
Homelessness Team
Council's network infrastructure
Contract 27 Painting and Decorating Planned Investment Works for Operational, Schools and Commercial Buildings 2019-2021:
Data analytics, predictive analytics and artificial intelligence systems
People in supported accommodation that have applied for local authority housing in 2018, 2019 and 2020
Disabled Facilities Grants and SEN (Special Education Needs and disabilities)
co-opting of representatives of religious organisations to the committee or committees dealing with education matters
Vacant homes
Penalty Charge Notices 2020
Online forms
Homelessness and temporary accommodation
Guidance and Legislation relating to Council/Planning Committee decisions
'Everyone In' support scheme for rough sleepers during the Covid-19 pandemic
FOI3629 Low Traffic Neighbourhood
council occupied buildings at Cobalt Business Park
Housing benefit claims
Monkseaton Middle School Asbestos Surveys